Ghost Hags are the previous sacrifices of Snowy Night Village, turned into Ghost Hags by the God of Snowy night Village. They appear only once in the manga, during Asagiri's Flashback.

Appearance Edit

Ghost Hags, in a logical sense, would vary from appearances. However they are mainly shown wearing a messy, single-colored and tattered Yukata. They are also shown having few strands of hair left, almost being bald.

Background Edit

In Chapter 20, Asagiri and Ukyo are shown hiding from a Ghost Hag. Lady Shimoni and Hosoyuki are the only known characters that have been confirmed to have been turned into a Ghost Hag.

Since they are the previous sacrifices, and all of the sacrifices have been confirmed to be female, it is reasonable to come to the conclusion that all Ghost Hags are female.

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