Hayate is Kohaku's best friend. When they were young, Kohaku accidentally turned him into a frog with a jutsu. On every full moon he turns human for a day. He was in love with Kohaku but in volume 10, he realizes he has fallen in love with Rurijo after he (in his frog form) sees her bathing. They become good friends and Rurijo sprinkles moon water on him to make him permanently human.


Hayate (疾風) means "Breeze" in Japanese.

Soul SymbolEdit

Hayate's soul symbol is unknown.

Appearance: Edit

Hayate in his human form has spiky, green hair and sky blue eyes.

Personality: Edit

Hayate has a cheerful and a optimistic personality.

Relationships: Edit

Kohaku: Hayate has always had feelings for Kohaku. They were childhood friends. Kohaku felt miserable and guilty to not confess his feelings to him because of the jutsu she cast on him.