Princess Yuri, or Yuri-hime, is one of the protagonists that appears in Sakura Hime. She had taken interest to both Aoba and Fujimurasaki, which lead to Sakura's jealousy of her. She is the daughter of the Minister of the Right. She is Maimai's sister.


Yuri (百合) means "Lily" in Japanese.


Princess Yuri has pale blue hair, with aqua eyes. Her hair adorns two pale pink flowers, and a single ahoge, similar to that of Sakura. She is seen wearing a kimono in most of her appearances.


When first introduced, she appears to be a kind person, and sounds very aloof. However, after her jealousy of Sakura is revealed, she turns out to be a very stubborn and cruel person. After Fujimurasaki proposes to her, she becomes on neutral terms with Sakura.

Soul SymbolEdit

Yuri's soul symbol is the same as her brother Maimai's, "Beauty".

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