Princess Yuri, or Yuri-hime/sama (as her servants call her), is one of the protagonists that appears later in the chapters 30-35+. She has taken interest to the both Aoba and to the his highness Togu which leading Sakura's jealousy of her.


Yuri means "Lily" in Japanese.


When she sits she has a hair long like Sakura, except glowing blue. The color of her eyes are also blue. She follows up a short curly hair besides her cheeks/face.


She shows much of her personality being kind, or nice. But her purpose for that was only to fool Sakura. Hiding the secret of Aoba and Yuri together (concubine marriage plan- Aoba chooses, Yuri the second concubine wife, or letting Sakura marry the chief-age 40). Her actual personality is mean, harsh enough to let one down.

Soul SymbolEdit

Yuri's soul symbol is the same as her brother Maimai's, "Beauty".

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