Rurijo is one of Enju's followers. She was created out of branches and leaves. She is also a doll created on the image of Princess Sakura by Enju. Before she was created by Enju, she was merely just a stone that absorbs the lives of human beings and transformed to look like a Lapis Lazuli. After Enju created her, she was unable to move because she was still made out of wood, but she figured that she needed to absorb water once a day in order to be able to move around freely.

Appearance: Edit

Rurijo has the same appearance as Princess Sakura, except that she has shorter hair than Sakura and pink hair. Rurijo also has a stone embedded on her forehead as to indicate that she has immortality and immense strength of a youko. She also has markings all over her body too. She needs the markings on her body in order to survive. She must not let these markings fade away otherwise the branches that connect her body will separate.

Personality: Edit

Rurijo has a very different personality comparing to Sakura.

History: Edit

Relationships: Edit

Princess Sakura: Rurijo holds a deep hatred towards Sakura and she tries to kill her in Volume 4 when she and Sakura met each other in the basement. Rurijo tries to kill Sakura and take her body as her own so she could become the real Princess Sakura. Sakura tells her "Even if you do this. you won't be able to get a hold of his heart!" However, Rurijo was confident and after she disguised herself as Sakura and attacked her, she pretended to be injured and Enju went out looking for Sakura until he came across Rurijo. Rurijo bumped into Enju and Enju was surprised to see how injured she was and asked what happened. Rurijo explains and says "why did you create something like that? It's scary to see a living doll with the same face as me." Enju already knew that she wasn't Sakura because he says "What did you do with Sakura, Rurijo?". Rurijo face went furious and she gasps.